Creators: Fotini Kallikouni, Savas Kakalis


The fountain used to be an important element – a landmark in the core of Greek residential tissue.The most valuable for the life, the water was accessible to everyone in the public space. With the installation of water networks and conteporary urban development , the provision of free water in the public space abandoned and left for private exploitation.The aim of our proposal is to bring this element into contemporary Greek urban setting water availability to all users of public space. This is an urban object, with traditional lineage and contemporary design, which will cover the need for clean drinking water. A key feature of the design is the ease of use by people with disabilities, but also animals ( problem of finding clean water from stray animals in the city). A key element of the form is the fact that it allows the water flowing down to the level of the user’s hands , creating the impression of a circular reference . Scrolling also is a key feature of a fountain.



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