Wi-Fi Seat

Creator: Olga Venetsianou

GitHub: https://github.com/ellak-monades-aristeias/The_Wi-Fi_seat

This is a perspex (plexiglass) seat for outdoor use that includes a wi-fi router, thus enabling up to 8 people to use the internet. The seat may work as a stand-alone wi-fi source, or as a mesh network (in a group of seats) that expands the municipality hotspots.

The seat is internally lit by led strips. The light colour is modified (from red to green) according to the strenght of the area wi-fi signal, the ambient lighting and nearby movement.

As a result, the seat encourages people to use public space and acts as a light source, adding an extra sense of security at a low cost. A group of Wi-Fi seats act as an artwork, visualizing the signal strenght as an extra information layer in the urban fabric.



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