Creator: CommonsLab


It is a screen-enabled interactive donation box. The box can run several projects or causes that are asking for donations. It provides information (text, images, video) for each project. It provides real-time information about the progress (donations accepted, donations needed, finishing date). Donations are recorded and if users choose so, they can be registered to keep in touch with the project for which they donated. The box also can issue receipts for each donation. Connecting several donation boxes to an online service can add more value to each box and all the projects that are running, as a project can be created online and activated in several boxes in several locations simultaneously. This way, we hope to help NGOs, social initiatives and others, to achieve their goals and their fulfil their ideas. By offering a platform for crowdfunding that exists in physical, public spaces, we are offering a different and more direct connection between projects asking for help and people willing to help.

The software has three items.


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